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We are the TERRIFIC TEN!
Counties:  5
Clubs:  17
Circles: 17
Membership:  1,238
"The Garden of Inspiration"
Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.
Finest Friends God Created

'Nature's Beauty Surrounds Us'

" Nature is always changing. Plants grow and put forth leaves... flowers bloom... and berries are borne regularly throughout the seasons." -author unknown

 \  Spring Notes...
   from the desk of District X Director, Donna Berger    

May 1, 2015

Members & Guests,
You have elected me as your District Director for 2015-2017.  I'm honored to be serving as your Director and looking forward to working with all of you.  At the FFGC Convention in Boca Raton, the FFGC Officers and the District Directors, of which there are twelve (12), were installed.  President Arlene Rand gave a beautiful message as her hope is that we achieve great things as we gather in "the Garden of Inspiration".  It is her wish that each of us will strive to inspire all those around us, our members, clubs, youth, communities and beyond.

The theme that your Director has chosen is "Nature's Beauty Surrounds Us".  We all have different talents, inspiring ideas, and of course, our love of nature.  The "Mission Statement" says "to further the education of the members and the public in the fields of gardening, horticulture, botany, floral design, landscape design, environmental awareness through the conservation of natural resources, civic beautification, nature studies and to install in our youth the love of gardening and the respect and protection of the environment."  If we strive to meet the goals of the Mission Statement, we are well on our way to a successful journey.

The major goals that I would like to set for the next two years is to concentrate on our youth and members in developing programs to help them understand more about our environment and natural resources.  Especially, the beauty of our waters, butterflies, bees and birds that are so beneficial to all of us.

A little background on your new Director:  I was born and brought up in Deposit, New York, which is a small town in upstate New York.  My first experience with a Garden Club was when my husband and I purchased a home that was built in 1824, and the former owner's wife had been president of the local Garden Club.  I was invited to their meeting soon after we moved in, and although I knew a lot of the people, I was surprised that they asked me to join their club.  I soon found out why, because this home had always been used for their Christmas Flower Show.  Many of the members came into my home and decorated with floral arrangements, horticultural and just made it beautiful.  I was hooked and have, wherever I have lived, been involved with a garden club.  I have been very blessed to belong to The Garden Club of Stuart since 2000, and have been honored to serve on many committees, and also to serve as their President over the last two years.

There are always new events coming forth, and one of the big ones is that FFGC will be going into its 90th anniversary year, as they became federated in 1926.  FFGC also now has a new website, which is www.ffgc.wildapricot.org.  This website is replacing the former one.  If you do happen to go to the old one, it will automatically switch you to the new one.  Please go and take a look.  The Presidents of your clubs will be getting further information regarding the website.

Our clubs all need to continue to inspire and support the clubs in District X, as we all are known to be the Terrific X District.  Remember your members are an important part of your club, so please keep them encouraged, focused and most important to have fun.  Your Director, Officers and Chairmen are here to support and help you.

I would like to challenge each of our seventeen clubs to please apply for at least one FFGC award this coming year, and of course, more would be better.  Our Awards Chairman, Barbara Hadsell, is there to help as well as your Director.  Please go and take a look at it.  Honor your members for their time and service through placing a brick at headquarters on the garden path, Pillar of Pride, Hall of Fame, or FFGC, NGC or DS Life Membership are all good examples as well as a Thank You, which everyone appreciates.

"Nature's beauty surrounds us" is now beginning, and let's all look forward to a wonderful journey for the next two years.

Bless you all,

Donna Berger, District X Director

Arlene Rand, President
arlene rand

Sandra Robinson, President

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