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'Gardens Are For Sharing'

" Nature is always changing. Plants grow and put forth leaves... flowers bloom... and berries are borne regularly throughout the seasons." -author unknown

 \  Fall Notes...
   from the desk of District X Director, Emilie Palmieri

October 16, 2014

Do you know the best Vitamin to take to be a good Garden Club Member?    .......    B-1

As a member of District Ten and the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, it is important that we all get involved in our community.  We can be ambassadors here to lead others by our good examples.  Let's no longer take the easy way.

  • Encourage our friends and neighbors to stop using bottled water; get a good filter, or at least recycle.
  • Take a stand on environmental issues.
  • Vote YES on Amendment One and skip the straw campaign.

After signing an application to sponsor a new Garden Club Member, your job does not stop there.
  • Be a Mentor; you can develop lifelong friendships.
  • Introduce them to other members.
  • Invite them to meetings.
  • Explain the importance of being involved.
Being a member is not just attending meetings to listen to the speaker, hearing about upcoming events, and sitting waiting and wondering "When do we get to the refreshment table?".

Each member of my Garden Club is expected to serve on one or more Committees during the fiscal year.  As you know, it is usually the same members that volunteer.  Maybe the others need to be asked to help.  They may not really understand what is involved.  Many times, as I chaired events, I found it was just easier to do it myself.   WRONG !  The leads to Burn-Out, which I have learned, it also lessens the opportunity to allow others to Share their Ideas and Share in the Fun.  YES !  It can be Fun and not just Work when more are involved.  Consider fewer fund raisers, and concentrate on making those the very Best they can be.  Don't take the easy way out.

We need to be more involved with our Youth.  I know many of yo already raised your kids, but maybe there is still something you can do to help.
  • Share your ideas with youth leaders.
  • Help with supplies, saving egg cartons, jars, magazines, pine cones.
  • Invite youth leaders to share the projects the kids have worked on: Show and Tell at your meetings.
  • Invite a child to a club meeting so they can share their Wekiva Youth Camp experience; these are priceless.
A good district member supports other clubs' events and activities.  Consider carpooling.  Boca to Vero Beach is only a two-hour drive.

Remember, it's you time; it is what you make of it.  Don't waste it; take it all in, making memories and friendships to last a lifetime.

"Gardens Are For Sharing"

Sue Angle, President
sue angle

Linda Nelson, President


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